we believe in the RURAL AREAS!

REDE ABERTA is developing a ultra-high speed optical fiber network to promote digitalization in rural areas of Galicia.

We are a solutions provider, a network for all operators who want to provide telecommunication services in rural Galicia in equal, fair and non-discriminatory conditions.

We belong to the investment fund “Connecting Europe Broadband Fund” (CEBF), which was created to help implement the European Commission’s Gigabit Society targets. This fund is involved in the creation of a fiber network infrastructures in the rural communities of Europe contributing to the development of these communities by providing high speed connectivity which allows integration in the digital world.

REDE ABERTA is the first investment of the fund in Spain.
We are a young and dynamic company that believes in the value of people, in Galicia, in the sustainability and responsibility.

And, most of all, we believe in the rural areas, therefore we work in their digital process to provide connectivity to all their people.